Thursday, September 15, 2016

The arrest of Hillary Clinton looks like a hoax

I've been thinking about the 18 second video showing Hillary being arrested and something is troubling me with it and it has nothing to do with her being arrested. It might be staged. A hoax. For this event that has Hillary and Donald attending the same event there would be more than just one camera. CNN would be there, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and every other goddamn news agency with a working video camera but there's only one 18 second video.

I've seen video of her leaving her daughter's apartment so I know they were following her. I was one of the first to say she was arrested based on the video and now I just might be the first to say the video is a hoax. Conspiracy on top of conspiracy. I believe the first person who called it an arrest was Jim Stone so I want to credit him for that. But if it's a staged hoax why have her hands bound? Why drag her into the van if all they want to imply is that she was dehydrated?

When I was Google searching the images I found one picture that troubled me. The picture is showing the van going in the opposite direction. It has the metal rail on the opposite side, but what really troubles me is the woman who was holding Hillary's left arm of which she never let go of is missing in the picture. Also if you look behind the van you will see a rail just like the rail Hillary is standing next to. There is no rail like that across the street.

There were two women with her dressed identical and in this picture theres only one. Where did the other woman go? The woman shown here is the woman who has her left arm hooked while waiting for the van and she never let go,

You can see she has a black bag and the woman in the above photo has a brown bag. I'm am now calling the entire event a hoax based on the fact that there is only one video from only one angle and the picture above showing the missing woman. Also, Hillary's visit to her daughter's apartment is staged as well. They used a little girl who mysteriously runs from her parents to be with Hillary.

Also if we look at the front of the apartment where it looks all nice, neat and clean and then you look at the other photo that has people sitting around outside lounging in chairs taking pictures. Do they all just sit her waiting for someone important to come out of this apartment complex?

So what the fuck are they doing? Why stage this? My first guess is for the attention even if it's negative. Donald Trump then gets no media attention at the event at all. This also gives them an out should they need to dump Hillary entirely. They just claim that her medical condition will not allow her to continue running for president or even be the next president and they slide in Joe Biden and appoint him president.

But why have her hands bound as if she were arrested? Why did they have to drag her into the van?

While doing the write up on this I heard a loud scream outside my window. It sounded human but I knew it wasn't because it is only 5:30am. It startled me. The scream was followed by two light, HOO, HOO's. It was an owl. I then grabbed my video camera and went outside and recorded them.

The owls timing has me alarmed. Too coincidental.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton arrested at 9-11 memorial

I've been looking at Google images of Hillary at the 9-11 memorial and my first thought is where's Bill? Bill didn't go to it. 
Isn't this kind of a big deal? Why wouldn't he go? Her running mate didn't go either. Also missing at the memorial is President Obama.

George Bush Sr., Bush Jr. and his entire administration weren't there either and rightfully so. However, the mayor at the time Rudi Giuliani who was an active participant was photographed there.

What's so funny?

 We are told Hillary is overheated.

Then why didn't she remove her jacket? You dress layered and as you get hot you remove clothing to adjust your comfort level. Temperature that day wasn't excessively hot. I'd say quite comfortable.

Men in attendance left their jackets on.

Hillary was asked as she left her daughters mansion apartment if she was feeling better. Her reply, "Yes, thank you very much." Pictures of Hillary leaving her daughters apartment look photoshopped.  Note the little girl standing next to her. She looks pasted in.

Here's another picture of here leaving her daughters apartment that looks a lot different.

She dosen't look overheated here.

Here's Hillary as she arrives at the memorial.

At the ceremony. Looks happy and comfortable.

And then the bad news comes. "Hillary, you're being arrested."

Now there is no more smiling.

Also note that nobody else in attendance is wearing sunglasses only Hillary. She never takes them off.

Nobody around her knows except the three men in front of her.

Donald Trump is informed.

Hillary's face goes from this.

To this.

A woman comes up to the side of Hillary, possibly an FBI agent and maybe says, "Hi Hillary, I'm agent &^^%$ and I will be escorting you out. You will walk out on your own and will be handcuffed out on the street."

Hillary says, "You're fucking kidding me right?"

They leave.

Hillary doesn't look sick she looks worried.

The white men who were once encircling her change to black.

Out on the street Hillary is told we're going to handcuff you now.

She is then cuffed and put back in the same van she arrived in. If she were this ill to have to leave the ceremony she would be leaving in an aid car and not a van. She would also have a bottle of water in her hand.

Picture one you can see Hillary's hands cuffed. She is standing up straight and not leaning against the concrete pillar. In picture two the woman behind her grabs her cuffed hands and it appears as if her knees buckle down based on the height of the women from pic one to two. In picture three she is grabbed by the bald headed man her arm doesn't release and move forward. It stays behind her. She leans over and says something to the arresting agent, probably, "You fucking bitch." I believe Hillary is resisting the arrest at this point. Also note the two women who arrest Hillary are dressed identical.

However, I've found another interesting photo of her arrest and its a view from the opposite side. In it there is only one woman with Hillary and that is the woman from behind.

Hillary is cuffed, standing on her own, the van door is wide open, but she doesn't go in. Why? If she's so sick why wouldn't she jump in and get the hell out of there and go get some water?

This is my conspiracy re-anctment of the arresting of Hillary Clinton on September 11, 2016 at the
9-11 memorial.

Last night which was Monday September 12, 2016 I watched an interview between Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton on CNN. The discussion was on Hillary's health and her health records. However, it wasn't a live appearance it was a phone in. A face of Hillary was shown in the upper left corner. She more than likely phoned in from a jail cell somewhere.

There is a lot of talk about Hillary using a body double and that perhaps it was the body double who was arrested.

Her double is played by Teresa Barnwell, or so they say.

Teresa tweets that she is in LA and not New York.

Donald Trump said that Hillary could shoot someone and not get arrested. It looks like you were wrong Donald. She got arrested.

So the story that it was too hot, she had pneumonia, and all they did was give her water to rehydrate her is complete and utter bullshit. I'm sure there was a drinking fountain at the memorial. And if you Google search Hillary Clinton gets arrested at 9-11 memorial you see I'm all alone on this one and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Emergency Conspiracy Moment--Hillary Clinton arrested at the 9-11 memorial

Please start video before reading this post.

September 11, 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton was arrested while attending the fifteenth anniversary of the 9-11 memorial. It was videotaped and hard to debunk considering her hands are cuffed behind her.

The photo below shows Hillary's arms pinned behind her and a woman, probably an FBI agent has hold of her arm as it is handcuffed.

Another woman walks behind to block the camera. Another man comes around. Hillary is resisting. 
Her arms are clearly pinned behind her back. The bald headed man moves in to assist in the arrest. The woman the farthest away from Hillary spreads her legs apart to push Hillary forward.

She is then shoved forward towards the black van. People move in to block the cameras.

Hillary stumbles down.

Note the two female FBI agents move with her. A man on the right moves in to block.

Now what? This does present a  problem for those who select presidents of the United States of America. We are left with only Donald Trump. But wait, she wasn't arrested we are told. She was sick. Not feeling well. However just the night before she attended a Barbara Streisand fund raiser concert and never stumbled and had no health problems. It was hot out we're told. She was dehydrated. She only needed a drink of water her doctor says. However prior to leaving for the memorial she was asked how she felt and she said she was fine. Why were her hands clasped behind her back? In the video the bald headed man grabs her arm as she is pushed toward the van and her arm doesn't move forward. It is cuffed behind her back.

Think about this for a moment as I have, arrested in public at the 9-11 memorial. Reminiscent of John F. Kennedy who was shot in public. Perhaps a statement to someone, or something. I will post more on this over the next two days and probably have a video on it as well. On the video I will be able to zoom in on Hillary so we can see her arms bound behind her back. I already have it and have looked at it. It's hard to debunk. I've tried. Her hands are bound behind her.

You can watch the video here courtesy of Russia Today.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The owls are back. Do they have a message for me?

This morning I was awoken at 4:30 by a pair of owls. I grabbed my camera and went out and recorded them for about 10 minutes. The file is too large to load on here. A year ago about this same time owls came to me with a message, DEATH. I'm hoping this message is something a little more positive like, YOU WON THE LOTTERY. There has been a recent death in my life and that was one of my beloved crows. Razor was the mate of my female crow Rex. He has been gone now for over two weeks.

I've written about owls on this blog the most recent is synchronistic death. Rolling Synchronicity is an article I wrote about the SE's I had after reading Mike Clelland's book The Messengers. It is jam packed with owls. There are numerous updates to it and now there will be one more update.

So is there a message for me? I'm sure there is. If they return I will post updates to this posting here and to my article rolling synchronicity.