Saturday, February 15, 2020

The unusual scythe

On the evening of February 6th a pocket wind storm blew through the Seattle area. I was out driving in it. By pocket I mean on one street trees and power lines blew down, but just a block or two away it looked untouched. I happen to get trapped with a downed tree and power lines in front of me and power lines and trees laying across the road behind me. I decided to try and turn around and see if I could get through going in the opposite direction. It seemed to work but as I came around a corner a giant tree branch was laying across the road and I didn't have time to stop. I hit it, went over the top of it and it ended up getting stuck under the vehicle. I eventually get home. The next morning I am out back with my dog and notice a strange tree branch that some how stuck into the ground--like a spear. I went up to it and looked at it. No supporting branches holding it up.

For some reason it reminded me of Christianne Amannpour's hand. I was looking at it just before going outside.

I think it's the way it hooks, or curves. Later that morning I showed it to my wife. She too thought it very strange. I told her I thought it looked like CA's hand and she saw something different. She see's a scythe.

The Grim Reaper.

 She joked, "He's coming for you." I replied, "Seems he left his scythe--possible lending it to me." A week later it's still there.

Yesterday I was waiting for a bus. While waiting I am thinking about my follow up write up on the CNN broadcast. Primarily about her hand. How? Who, and why do I seem to be the only one who has it, or seen it? Ninety million viewers and four years later there is still nothing on the internet until I publish it. How is that possible? Am I the only one who has it? The only one who has seen it? As the thoughts are running through my head the bus pulls up and I'm amazed at what I see. An add that reads, BE CURIOUS. INVESTIGATE THE UNUSUAL.

Does it get anymore unusual then this?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

CNN Iran Nuclear Talk

On a warm evening in late May of 2015 I'd just returned home from meeting a friend for a couple of beers. On the drive home I was thinking about a comment our server said to us as we waved and said good-bye.

"Good luck." 

Why'd she say good luck? We sat alone away from others in the bar. She came over to us twice. Once on our first order and the second one we had to flag her down. Other than those two times she never came closer than 15 feet of us. She didn't know us, nor could she have possibly heard what we were talking about. 

I arrived home around 10:30. My wife asked me if I'd like a night cap on the deck. Since it was a beautiful clear night I agreed. We were standing near the rail with our drink resting on the rail when something large flies right past us and crashes into our house. In the darkness we couldn't make out just what it was. I could hear fluttering as it was falling to the ground but before it hit the ground it recovered and started to gain lift. As it turned it began to rise and it was headed straight towards me. It was a large Barred owl.

 I ducked and it flew over my head. How does an owl with excellent night vision fly into the side of a house? My thoughts immediately went to our servers comment, "Good luck." 

A few weeks after this my wife mentioned that she had recorded the movie The Thing and asked me if I'd like to watch it. It being one of my favorite movies I agreed. The Thing is a movie about an alien craft that had crashed into the Antarctic where it is discovered by a group of men doing geological research nearby. The alien life from the craft has the ability to mimic any life form it comes into contact with. The Thing makes its way into their camp and the men are left wondering just who is whom. 

The movie ends with two men left. Neither knowing if the other is the Thing. 

A few weeks after this--July 14, 2015 to be exact, I arrive home from work around 12:30am. I decide to turn on the TV and watch something incredibly boring to put me into sleep mode--nothing better than CNN. I have a bowl of peanuts on my lap and a bloody Mary in my hand. It was my Friday night, my weekend. A cocktail or two was my reward. 

I was greeted by Christine Romans the anchor for the Early Show. The time stamp shown at the bottom was 4:00am. It synched up with my time of 1:00am. A live feed. The topic couldn't be more boring--the Iran nuclear talks. CNN had been running this nightly for the last two weeks. No wonder their viewer ship was plummeting. Three years earlier they took a successful food show hosted by chef Anthony Bordain and slotted it in on prime time in an attempt to boost viewership. It worked until Anthony committed suicide in 2018.  

I began un-shelling my peanuts and eating them as Christine Romans is babbling on--more interested in my peanuts then what she is saying. A certain amount of concentration is needed with shelled peanuts. Then Christine began to interview Christianne Amanpour. Christianne looks off. Wrong. I can't quite figure it out but I say out loud, "Christianne, you don't looks so good." I began sipping my drink and studying her face. What is it? What's wrong? I notice some dark images under the scrolling ticker below her. It's waving around. What is it? It's her hands. Why are they black, or brown? 

I've given up on her face now--it's her hands that interest me. She raises her hands to where I can see both of them. She raises them again and her right looks like some kind of morphed human hand but her left really caught my attention. It was only a brief flash but my mind recorded the image and noted that it was wrong. 

I began wondering, do they teach you to talk with your hands in journalism school? Did Christine Romans see what I'm seeing? Did the producers see what I'm seeing? I've given up on the bowl of peanuts resting on my lap. I began sipping my drink fascinated by what I'm seeing. My eyes are darting back and forth from her face to her hands. Her face is still off. What is it? Surrounding her right eye it looks green. Do women wear green make-up? Maybe. It's her teeth. One of them has a shine to it. Why? Lighting?

They also look jagged, uneven, and pointed and going off in angles. I know the British are known for having bad teeth, but this looks beyond caffeine stains. They seem to be changing form. At times some appeared to be exceedingly white while the tooth next to it was skin color. How is that possible?

Sometimes a tooth would completely disappear. Upper front tooth. How?

Time stamp two minutes later and once again the front tooth disappears.

It is now 1:21am and I was hoping to be ready to snuggle in my bed by this time. Now I'm wired. I'm taking bigger sips of my drink. Forget the peanuts. I can't take my eyes off the television. I ask out loud, "What is wrong with you Christianne?" And then something appears on the television that sends me flying out of my seat. The bowl of peanuts scatter everywhere. The drink in my hand goes all over the other couch. I ran to the television--shocked at what I just saw. I scramble back over to my seat in search of my TV remote. I can't find it. I began tossing all the cushions off the couch. Not there. I go to the other couch and began tossing them off and find it underneath one of the cushions. I grab the remote and hit rewind. The broadcast begins rewinding. It gets to the beginning and I hit record. I'm now standing just a foot away from the television. I stand there frozen to the end of the one hour broadcast. When it finishes I rewind to the point where I flew out of my seat and this is what I see. 

"You really don't look so good now Christianne," I say out loud. What happens to me next is very strange. I simply turn off the TV and walk up and go to bed like I'm in some kind of trance. I don't remember if I even took off my clothes but I know by the time I hit the first step I had no memory of this very strange CNN broadcast.

I awoke the next morning around 6:30am. It was a beautiful sunny day. I decide to go for a long run. I go down to the high school to run on the track. I've been a distant runner for quite some time finishing two marathons but I hadn't run in awhile. My first mile was exceedingly fast. Too fast. An easy sub-six minute pace. Slow down I told myself or you won't make your five mile run. An argument developed within myself. Why? What if I can make it all the way at this pace? I decide to maintain the pace. Two miles goes easy, three, four and I breeze through the final mile. I finish on an endorphine high. I go home and decide this run was beer worthy even though it's only 8am. My garden is in full bloom, the birds are active, and the sun is shining. My wife wakes up and comes outside.
"Really Mike, a beer at eight am?" I began telling her about my run and how fast I was able to run. I told her it was like I was possessed or something. My breathing remained calm and my legs were strong through the entire run. I told her I'm sure I could have run even faster. She interrupted me.
"What happened last night after I went to bed?" Confused I told her I didn't know what she was talking about. She tells me to follow her. She leads me downstairs where I see our family room completely ripped apart. Peanuts scattered everywhere my empty glass on the floor. The contents of it all over the couch. I laugh. "I don't know what happened, but it looks like I had a good time," I joke. Suddenly images start flooding into my head. I remember. I tell my wife she won't believe this. I grab the remote and turn the TV on. The TV is at the exact location I left it when I went to bed with Christianne having some kind of claw for a hand. 
"Mike, what the fuck is that?" she asked. I began telling her about my early morning with CNN

 What is it? I don't know. Was it a CNN joke on the highest paid journalist in the world, or is she something else--emphasis on Thing. Well the Thing is out of the bag now I thought. CNN claims to have a viewership of 90 million world wide this will surely be all over the internet. CNN would have to give an explanation. I checked later that day while I watched the rest of the broadcast. Problems with her hands and teeth all the way through the entire broadcasted interview.

Fifty-one frames over from the the above image her hand transformed into this.

It appears to be some kind of shrunken hand, four digits. Three as fingers and one in place where a thumb might be. How is this possible? The bottom time stamp below the CNN logo shows 1:21 AMPT. The exact time in my home. Perfectly synched up from Austria, to Atlanta, to my home. No delay in the news feed.

At 10:22 in the broadcast Christianne brushes her hair back with the same hand that seems to be transforming.

It looks like a human hand compared to the other images. Her complexion on her face goes perfect. Remarkable for a 57-year-old woman. As her hand is rising to get into the position it is in it is morphed and looks like this. It's transparent and you can see her white collar through her hand.

She brushes her hair back on her left side then moves her hand across her face where it goes completely out of focus.

It then comes into focus.

At time point 10:23 she once again raises her hand over the banner below.

A few frames over it looks like this.

Christianne was interviewed twice on July 14th, 2015. The first interview was four minutes long from 10:19-10:23. The broadcast then cuts to other journalists before bringing back Christianne where she is interviewed from 10:48-10:51. She returns without the pink ribbon but has the same problem with her hands.

A "Good luck," at a bar, an owl crashing into my house, the movie The Thing, and then the CNN broadcast. If the wall to my house would not have been there the owl would have flown into my television.  Coincidence or warning?  The time stamp of 10:21 where the image sent me flying out of my seat synchs up perfectly with the day I was born.

Part two coming soon.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Sometime in the spring of 2017 I went outside on my deck. It was a beautiful clear night. I noticed a rather large star under the moon. It looked completely out of place. Was it Saturn, or some other planet. I know nothing about astronomy.

Looking at the star I said, "Come closer." To my surprise the star got bigger and bigger, and then it stopped.

"No, don't stop. Come closer," I said using no audible words. A telepathic message came back to me.
"This is as close as we get to you."
We entered into a brief telepathic talk about why and then the ball of light began to get smaller and smaller.

It eventually got to where it was only a pen dot in the sky and then it was gone. The positioning of it never changed, left or right, up or down. No sound was heard.

Note: The date on the picture indicated March 19. I'm not sure of the actual date, but as you can see from the image below the weather that day was sunny which led to a perfect evening for an ET visit.

Note:I altered images 2, and 3 for visual purposes. Image one is accurate.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bullitt Synchronicity

On October 17, 1968 the movie Bullitt was released starring Steve McQueen, just four days before my eighth birthday. In the movie was a car chase seen between a 1968 Mustang Fastback and a 1968 Dodge Charger. I believe at some point I watched the movie in the back seat of a beat up station wagon at a drive in movie theatre. My parents in the front seat and all of us kids in the back. Fast forward to 1976.

I'm standing at a car lot with my dad looking at a blue 1967 Mustang Fastback.
Almost identical to the one Steve McQueen drove in the movie. I wanted it. My dad who was an ace auto mechanic asked the salesman to start it up. My dad new immediately the engine was modified. He shook his head and said, "No way." I was deeply disappointed. I needed him to cosign a loan for me. The asking price was $1700.00 and I only had around $500.00. I started a new search for a muscle car immediately. I found a 1968 GTO. This one had a stock motor and ran like a dream. My dad loved this car. He had an old jalopy truck that he wanted to get rid of and threw it in as part of a trade in. I think they gave him $200.00 for it. Here is my first car.
A beautiful muscle car. I had so many fun adventures in this car. Sadly I don't have many pictures--just this one. We didn't carry cameras around back in 1976.

Recently I saw on Mecum car auction that the Mustang driven in the movie was sold for $3.74 million. The owners paid $6500.00 for it. 
However, and here's the fun part of this story. In the movie there was a 1968 GTO shown repeatedly. 
Shown here as the Dodge Charger goes around it. 
And here as the Mustang goes around it. 
Also shown are the two cars passing numerous Volkswagen Beatles primarily a green one that they used repeatedly. When I sold my GTO the next car I bought was a 1967 Volkswagen Bug. There's some weird synchronicity going on there.
There's my linked connection to the movie Bullitt. I didn't get the Mustang, but I did get a car that was in the movie. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

In memory of Rex

In January of 2017 my pet crow Rex had been missing since late August of 2016. Her mate disappeared one month earlier and I watched Rex morn. I'd seen her mourn several times throughout our 8 years together. She lost her first mate Chief along with several babies she so bravely fought to keep away from predators. In her mourning she would turn her back to me and cuddle in a ball. I'd sit next to her and silently mourn with her.

 During all of the insanity of paranormal / alien activity that had consumed me since the fall of 2016 there was Rex to worry about. She had never left me longer than a week. Now it had been three months. A crazy idea popped into my head--ask the spirits where she was. Wouldn't they know? I remember telling my  wife that I was going to ask the spirit world to give me coordinates, latitude and longitude numbers. I'd then just drive there and walk the location. Rex would surely fly down to see me. A long shot but I thought I'd try.

The next day I asked. No reply. I then demanded. A somber spirit answered, "We can't give you those coordinates."
"Rex is dead." I cried. The spirit world didn't provide any details of her death. I mourned the loss of my beloved friend.

Rex came to me in a dream. She let me know that she is ok. She told me where she is. There are no predators there. She told me her spirit would always be with me. She told me to look up in her favorite tree and she'd be there. I asked her how she died and she told me she was an old crow. It's believed that crows can live to be 30 years old. I mentioned this to Rex. She said one human year is 3.166 crow years. If we calculate that out over her eight years then she was an old crow. Rex told me she'd send crows to me as a sign that she was still with me. She said she was searching for a very brave crow. She found one.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful friend Rex. I miss her.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places."--Ephesians 6:12

An audio graph is a visual into what is going on around you. A sound visual. You would think if you're a sleep in bed it would look like this ------------------------------------------------------with an occasional spike here and there when you roll over in bed, or any natural sound that disrupts the frequency. I recently took a look at the audio graph on the night it all happened for me, 11/19/16. It seems there was never a dull moment.

One hour and thirty-eight minutes of sound chaos from 9:37PM until 11:15PM and I slept through it, or  did I? At 3:41AM I moved the recorder into another room. Whatever activity that made the above graph was over.
So what went on that night? A fight. WE'RE PREPARED TO FIGHT. And it appears the fight did happen--WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT.  And once it started both sides knew they were in a fight according to this audio file--WE'RE IN A REAL FIGHT. A spiritual cheerleader encouraging one side to fight back. FIGHT'EM BACK. A spirit indicates things aren't looking to good for me--MIKE'S IN A MESS. A confused spirit inquires WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?  This audio indicates I am the main focus GET MIKE. A female spirit mentions a name of one of the fighting forces SATAN SCARED ME. So we can assume demonic entities were present in the fight.

A voice comes through encouraging others to leave it to them. Is this the voice of Satan or perhaps my own voice? YOU GO ALONG. I'LL DEAL WITH THIS. A frantic female spirit wants me moved out of the house MOVE MIKE OUT OF THE HOUSE. The audio indicates that other beings are there who are prepared to fight on the demonic forces side--aliens. An alien race known as Mantis. From mid summer of 2015 until this night I had been working on several personal alien projects that involved this race, the Mantis.

 Did I push it to far? Did they come for my material--for me, or both? According to this audio they came to bring me in WE COME TO BRING MIKE IN-DON'T SHOOT IT. One spirit encouraging someone not to shoot it. Numerous spirits tried to awaken me. MIKE, YOU GOT TO WAKE UP. This male spirit seems to be frantically trying to awaken me WAKE UP. It appears the Mantis awoke me to their being present in my room. Possibly to, "Bring me in." However the audio doesn't indicate it went as they planned. It appears as though I wasn't willing to go with them and according to this female spirit it resulted in their death. MIKE JUST KILLED THE MANTIS. And so the spirits say, twenty-six Mantis aliens were killed in my home on November 19 / 20th 2016. Eighteen in my bedroom and eight downstairs. Cause of death--Struck by energy force. I have no conscious memory of the event only the audio files captured that night.

By around mid January of 2017 the spirit world had painted a picture for me-created the narrative. The spirits claim the aliens were given an opportunity to leave but refused. Their refusal resulted in their death. While driving in my car I pondered this. How? How could I kill aliens? Am I human or something else? Did they come for the human me, and had to deal with the something else of me? While these thoughts were churning in my head a car pulled in front of me. It had a lone bumpersticker attached to the rear bumper. It read, YOU ARE A WARRIOR.

I am pleased that this story is posted on January 1, 2020.

The audio files above were translated from sessions ran on November 19th / 20th. I translated both one year later on November of 2017. On session 161120_002 Time point 20:53 reads, "Mike said 2020."

 It's here.