Monday, June 18, 2018

Moclips in March

"If you want to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."-- Nikola Tesla

The third dimension is a conglomerate of strange. It is the ghetto of all dimensions. We can't exist in 2D. The third dimension attracts all life forms. We only see human life, animal life and plant life, but what are the other life forms that are here? Spirit life. Those who were once human and lived a lifetime and are now present in our 3D reality as a spirit. Entities. Spirits who have never entered into the human lifetime process, and these are negative entities known as demons and positive entities known as angels, or spirit guides. A host of alien life. Over the years I've encountered all of the above and documented it all in great detail with video, pictures and audio. Imagine if you took all of the above life and put them into a blender, ran it for a minute and then dumped it into a confined space known as the third dimension, you have just entered the Twilight Zone. My blog will show you just how strange it is.

On March 9, 2018 my wife Gaynor, I and our dog Abbey all went to the ocean for a few days. We stayed at the Hi-Tide Resort in Moclips Washington. We’ve stayed here many times over the years. One drawback was that Abbey always got sick from the water. This trip she didn’t. The weather was the best it’s ever been. Beautiful sunsets along with unusually warm weather for early March. My plan for this trip was do nothing. Leave my cell phone turned off. Leave the television off and read. Gaynor shot all of the video using her iPhone. I had no intentions of even picking mine up so I'm awfully glad she did. I took my digital recorder down but not with the intent to use it only in case what I deem an emergency session. I don't do many sessions these days because I'm attempting to translate every recorded session I have and I have over 400 of them. However, I did load a session on the recorder with the intent to work on the translation. That session is five hours and eighteen minutes long and jammed packed with spirit activity. It was recorded on 11-27-16. It's file number 161127_001. The recorder was on my window seal with the microphone facing my backyard. I have many, too many sessions where I let the recorder run all night. I call them silent sessions because I'm silent except for my snoring, and let me say listening to yourself snore for six hours is brutal. I don't snore anymore. Incredible story. I'll share sometime. 

 The recorded all night sessions take a lot of time to translate. I document all the spirits with a time stamp so I can easily find it again on the session. If it's a class A EVP then I save the audio as well. I can capture up to 100 spirits in a single minute so one minute could take me 20 minutes to translate. I time stamp it 3:48:18--(What the spirit says) and then I identify whether it is a male, female or unknown and it's in brackets. (M) (F) (U). I then add an asterisk based on how loud the spirit comes through. No asterisk after identifying gender means its at a very low frequency level and I'd guess that most would never be able to hear it. 
* One asterisk and you could probably hear it if I point it out telling you what the spirit says. It might take a dozen times but eventually you'll hear it. 
** Two asterisks it's either at our own frequency level or just one below it and you are certain to hear it. Below is how it looks and this is exactly what the spirits said.
3:48:18—Donald Trump. (U)** Please leave now. (U)*
3:48:21—Mike said he’s stupid. (U)**
Both come through at a frequency level where you can hear them. Nineteen days before this session Donald Trump was elected president. 

On this trip we captured, spirits, orbs, and a phenomena I call, "3D glitch, or frequency shift."  I haven't settled on a name. The "Frequency shift," was told to me by the spirits. I think I'll use there's. For me the strangest of the captured is the frequency shift. On the video all of the third dimension goes out of focus for a single frame. It usually happens when I'm being videotaped. A popping sound usually precedes the glitch. It isn't the camera being used because I've used three different cameras and captured it on all three. What are the odds that all three are broke the same way? 

The orbs. Two were captured. A green orb that could be as small as a dime or as large as a distant planet. A cylinder shaped brown orb. 

Shown below illuminating.

Illuminating near my leg with a distant green moon orb in the night sky.

Shown following me.

Shown below looking like a distant planet.

The orb video.

The brown cylinder orb.

The above orbs are just a small sample that were captured but I think enough to show they were present and unexplainable. And I have at least a dozen videos where I've videotaped orbs around me from multiple locations. I'm not going to go into who, and what I believe them to be. It's just speculation. I prefer not to speculate on them. I already speculate too much. The earthbound spirits indicate to me that they don't know what they are, but they enjoy seeing them around. An indication of a positive being perhaps. It appears to me that they are just observing me. Why? 

Also captured on this trip was some kind of spirit that partially manifests in front of me. The video shows it comes from above me, and moves down in front of me before dropping down, going behind me and then off into the sky. The captured images are from the video and are frame by frame.

It then goes behind me and circles off to my left side and then up into the sky.

Neither I or Gaynor noticed the spirit in live time. It was only after reviewing the video that it was discovered. Here is an enhanced image when it is directly in front of me.

The video. 

If the above isn't strange enough for you in my next post I'll show you how strange a frequency shift is. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

"I'm a gods gift Mike."

On April 23rd I awoke at 2am to this thought, wash your car. I laid in bed and analyzed the thought. It's 2am, pitch black outside, and I have a black car. Sounds like a good idea and I'm glad I did because I was able to experience a miracle. I washed my car on my front yard thinking that this is a new 2am experience for me. After I washed my car I came back in and finished my prep work for our trip down to Moclips. A place where in just sixteen hours another miracle would happen. By 5am it was light enough outside to look at my wash job on my car. A miracle. Not a single streak anywhere. A first for me. Usually when I wash my car there are multiple dirt streaks where I missed a spot, front right fender, rear passenger door, rear bumper, and trunk lid. Not this time. It was spotless. I'm now thinking of always washing my car in total darkness, or if in daylight wear a blindfold. 

After work that day I raced home so that we could race out of town and down to Moclips. My wife would have the car packed and all I'd have to do was drive. Wrong. I arrived home to her apologizing for not getting this done, or that done. I immediately jump in to help. An hour and fifteen minutes later we are rolling. It's 3:15pm. We arrive in Moclips at 7:15PM. Not bad considering interstate five was blocked near Southcenter. A car fire in the center lane. Car A rear ends car B. Car A catches on fire as does car B and by the time we passed it the fire department had put both cars out but they were so badly burned you couldn't even identify what make and model they were. Gridlock in Tacoma, typical 24 hours a day but after that it was 80mph all the way there. Weather equaled full on sunshine.

Unpacking the car into room number 22 took me about a dozen trips, up and down the stairs. On my last trip Gaynor, my wife, handed me a double Bloody Mary. I needed it. We stood on the balcony and stared out into the beautiful sunset.
However, waking at 2am and then driving a total of 12 hours, eight at work plus four to get to Moclips, and two double Bloody Mary's were catching up to me. I'm shattered. I sat in the lounge chair while Gaynor took some video with my iPhone. I'm upset with myself because it's early, there's still enough daylight for another beach stroll. I'd physically pushed myself to exhaustion. My drink was in my hand as I was nodding off.
I was awoken to a very cold sensation on my crotch--my drink spilled all over my pants. I called out to Gaynor, but she wouldn't answer. She just kept on filming. 

The following day after our morning walk on the beach with Abbey we reviewed what she had filmed. About a minute into the review we hear a voice.
The camera is pointing west and into the sunset. We both shouted, "WHOA." We played it back about a dozen times to verify the translation. We were both in agreement. A female spirit came through my iPhone just as I was falling asleep and said, "I'm a gods gift Mike." Her voice was perfectly clear although a little raspy. It almost made me doubt the gender. We both settled on female. 

A little background on me. An event happened in my life on 11-19-16. After this event which I'm not going to discuss just yet, I discovered I can hear spirits around me. At first it sounded like they were talking through a tin can like we use to do when we were kids. Put a string in a can with the lid open and connect it to another the same way. One kid at one end holds it to their ear while the other kid talks into the other can. The tin cans that bridge our two worlds has evolved to digital electronic devices. I use them. I don't however encourage others to do the same. It isn't a playground.

 I then purchased an audio program to help with the clarity and to verify that I truly was hearing spirits. I was and they are addressing me. Together we are addressing why they are addressing me and in doing so I am documenting this process by saving the audio files / video. These are crystal clear EVP's. When a spirit comes through on a device on a frequency level that we can hear perfectly the paranormal community refers to them as "Class A EVP's." EVP stands for electronic device phenomena. The acronym seems wrong to me. It seems to imply that the device produced the voice. It doesn't. It only captures the voice.  It seems like it should be SVP for spirit voice phenomena, or UVP for unexplainable voice phenomena. EVP is universal now. If you want to label me you might say I'm a spiritualist. 
I don't however view it as a religious movement, or even religion at all. Every religion believes in spirit life. When people pray they pray to a spirit of which they believe they know--their god. If their god, or person they are praying to responded back to them and they captured it on an electronic device to prove spirits can and are communicating with us they'd be doing exactly what I am doing.  On the last sentence of the definition it says, "not as a static place, but as one in which spirits continue to evolve." My research validates that claim. The type of person you are here you are also there. For instance if you are a real asshole here where you beat your wife and kick your dog on a daily basis you are also an asshole over there when you die. If you don't change and grow up while alive and you remain an asshole and are suddenly killed by a tree that hits your car as you leave the bar intoxicated you don't wake up on the other side a saint. You wake up a dead sober asshole. Now the evolving starts for you--hopefully. As a dead asshole over there you look for others that are like you. Like attracts like. Evolved spirits over there aren't interested in you. They've evolved and are continuing to evolve even more. The dead asshole you finds others like yourself and an asshole gang is formed. It may even involve entities--negative ones known as demons. Your gang of assholes seeks out mischief for fun and because it's who you are. At times this mischief can be deadly to the living. It's on the nightly news. An asshole gang amongst the living gets noticed and is monitored by the authorities. If they are caught violating the laws of the land they are punished and locked up. The living laws don't apply to the dead. They run amok and have to be dealt with in other ways. Spirit ways. I hope that gives you a good background on me. 

Clicking on the link below will take you to the place where you can hear this spirit. I have many audio files where spirits come through on our frequency level and this one ranks in my top ten.

"I'm a gods gift Mike."

Some of you will clearly hear my name while others of you won't hear my name. Both my wife and I hear my name and enhancing the volume level through my audio program validates this. Why does this spirit want to tell me she is a gods gift? She's also implying there are "gods." A belief I'm starting to believe. A belief communicated by Jesus and communicated before Jesus in the book of Psalms. Christians shun this belief out of fear thus possibly denying who they actually are. To me that is the unpardonable sin. Perhaps we are spiritual gods, or we evolve into it. I'm open to that belief. 


 Is she implying that I am a god and that I can have her as a gift? If so I politely refused her as a gift. I have all that I need for this lifetime and beyond. Early the next morning I was on a walk with Abbey when I discovered an amazing face naturally carved on a log. Is there a connection between the spirit voice and the face on the log? The log face is a female and I named her the Moclips Goddess. Is this the voice of a goddess? How does she know who I am? 

A series of choreographed coincidences equalling rolling synchronicity and I bow out of this article in  a most spectacular way--the spirit way. On our night video on the beach just before I shut the video off a female spirit says perfectly, a class A EVP, "Mike, bye."