Tuesday, July 17, 2018


When reviewing audio files there are a few very disturbing requests coming from the other side--"Someone kill Mike," and "Mike, help."
"Mike, we need your help."
Mike, please help us."

Many times during a review I have to stop and meditate on a spirit that has asked me for help. We are on two different worlds. It's not like I can just hand them a $50 dollar bill and say I hope this helps. Money isn't what they want. I can only visualize that the spirit who requested it is receiving the help they asked for. There are a lot of spirits who don't want to be dead. They want to be amongst the living again. Help becomes a complex problem. However, there are a lot of people here who want to be dead so it goes both ways. When I hear them I do what I can from this side. I always hear them.
Single audio file looped to repeat.

Help 1

Help Mike

Mike I can help you with this

Mike help us

Mike help me

Let's give Mike some help

Help Mike wake up

Please help us

We wil help you fight back--According to the spirits on 11/19/16 I was attacked by another life form. They were there to witness it all. My recorder captured some of it before it was some how turned off.

Need someone to help

 I made a "Help," video. It's always disturbing for me to hear and it was disturbing to make, but I think we need to know that it isn't all love and light upon death. I've often told the spirits their world is a strange place of which they reply, "So is yours." It looks like help is needed on both sides.

Bird House Bar

Birds have been a big part of my life over the last decade. It's not all ghosts and aliens with me. I've had a pet crow for eight years, or she had me as the pet. Her name is Rex. She died in the fall of 2016. I miss her. A new pair took up residence immediately. The pair had been battling Rex for her turf for a few years. I named them Sabrina and Andy.

I've been recording owls in my backyard for over two years now. You know they aren't what they seem.

 While working on the Tesla write ups a pair of pigeons took up residence with me. That was Tesla's bird. Chickadees, Spotted Towhee, Black eyed Junco's, Northern Flickers, and others all are part of my backyard. It's a cat free safe haven for them and all are encouraged to live and play here. Some come back to die here and die in my hand.

I added a hot-tub to my garden so I could soak and look out at the gardens and watch the birds. I'd enjoy a cocktail, beer, or wine--sometimes annoyed when I want another. I'd have to go all the way back into the house. A problem, reaction, solution scenario. My reaction was always the same--SHIT. Get out, towel off, get drink, and back into tub.

Solution:--Build a bar next to the hot-tub. Conditions--MAKE IT FUNKY

This is my creation. Thus far the feedback I've received from neighbors and friends has been real positive. I'm not sure how much more funk I can add to it at this stage. I am going to add a Cuckoo clock because I need a clock there. Probably shop for it today. I added spotlights to it so at night it lights up. A board underneath has this painted on it: WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? One of the two pick up lines I used on my wife. The other was, "Do you come here often." The backdrop was made out of my thirty year old fence that I just knocked down. It needed some height. All the driftwood came from a beach in Moclips Washington. The only thing I actually bought for it was the framing wood. I needed solid wood and some hardware.

View directly across the tub.

I've actually received an order to build one of these. My first customer. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

"Make it funky."

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Tombstone Arizona Wyatt Hotel Video

I found my video I took and translated the spirits. This gives you a good visual of the room. I believe the spirit calling out my name is Sabrina.

This next video is arriving back to our room from Big Nose Kate's. Andy is a genius with sound energy and he displays it here. He used a cowbell to awaken me to him and Sabrina and the entire spirit world. He'd even do it on demand. Listen to this audio as proof. I ask Andy to hit the cowbell and he does. I verbally mark the recorder and my sleeping wife acknowledges it. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tombstone Arizona--Wyatt Hotel

Start time-9:46PM
Recorded session time-6 hours 4 minutes
Location-Tombstone Arizona / Wyatt Hotel
Headphones required for all audio / volume high

At 9:20pm the bartender at Big Nose Kate's says, "Last call." Their sign said they were open until midnight.

In Arizona they open when they want and close when they want. The actual posted sign is just a reference. There were only about four of us in the bar, but I wasn't done. We had a few other options, Doc Holliday's bar, or there was a bar right next to our hotel that was packed. We decided to skip both and go back to our hotel room. We still had an all night haunting ahead of us.

The Wyatt hotel had a very unusual smell to it. It hits you immediately. It kind of reminded me of some of the hotels in Las Vegas. They pump in some kind of perfume smell to mask the odor of cigarettes. It's hard to get stink out. Our room was too large to be a standard room. It seems to me it was multiple rooms converted into one giant room. There are two other rooms and we are separated by a lobby. There was one other couple in the hotel--a young couple. I wonder how they slept.

Outside was cold, windy and raining. This added another element of creep. The bar next to our room was loud and I was concerned it would contaminate my audio file.  My digital recorder was placed on a dresser on the same side as the bar. I verbally time stamp the audio when we go to bed, 9:46pm--early but we've had a long day. We climb into bed expecting to drift off into sleep.

I immediately notice a scratching sound on the wall near my nightstand. I investigate the sound but there's nothing there. I ignore it. Just thirty seven seconds into the audio a male spirit says my name--MIKE. Here we go.

My wife and I are talking about the lighting in the room. There's some christmas lights on a house across the street and the light from that is streaming into our room. At one minute and forty three seconds a female spirit introduces me, "This is Mike." At two minutes and thirty five seconds a female spirit says, "Mike love you." At two minutes and forty three seconds a warning comes through from a male spirit, "You better get out of this house Mike." It once was a house I'm sure. I'm guessing it once was a brothel and I'd be wise to listen to this spirit. My wife wants to open the door that leads to the balcony and allow the howling wind into our room, but I'm already creeped out and I reply, "Hell no." She replies back, "Don't be such a bitch." At three minutes and thirteen seconds the recorder captures a very strange voice that sounds like it is saying, "It's decided."
What did they decide? At three minutes and twenty one seconds a female spirit says, "He knows about it." At three minutes and fifty seconds I mention how quiet the place is. That is all about to change. At six minutes and three seconds a female spirit says my name, Mike. A spirit then says, "Mike you're a trouble-ist." I can be to those causing trouble. At six minutes and twenty three seconds the room starts knocking and banging.

Knocking and banging

The translated audio graph reads like this.

My wife offers up a possible debunk and believes the seats outside are hitting up against the wall. My wife asks me to go check and a male spirit says, "Fuck him." My belief that this place was once a brothel is sounding more believable. I've reviewed this session several times and on one of those reviews I was lucky enough to go into a trance and pick up a frequency that captured my two spirits Sabrina and Andy. They hate this place--hate Tombstone at least on this night. Sabrina throws out two female spirits who came in and indicated they were going to have sex with me and they were going to do it together. They got as far as the bed of which they were on when she engaged the pair. Sabrina and Andy identify the knocking. It is a couple in a bed having sex. Sabrina tells Andy to go over and get them to stop. Andy goes and comes back and tells Sabrina, "The fucker won't." Sabrina is concerned for us. We had just come from Bisbee which is about 30 miles away where she had to deal with a bunch of "witch spirits," who were after me. A witch spirit was outside our hotel room screaming for me. She cried out, "Mike get down here. I'm going to fuck your brains out." She went on and on until Andy had enough and went out to deal with her. Sabrina stayed in our room to keep intruding spirits out. The witch spirit came out of a woman who I met in Bisbee that day. She is not a succubus, but a very sexual person. Sabrina and Andy are in for a long night and so are we.

My wife goes to the door that leads to the balcony and offers up a new debunk, something under the balcony. I gladly go with the debunk and note it for the recorder. At eight minutes and thirty four seconds the banging starts again. I'm now doubting the debunk. If it were the wind blowing on something down stairs and hitting the hotel wall it should be continuous not intermittent. If it continues there will be no way we are going to be able to sleep.

At eight minutes and thirty seconds the banging starts again. My wife wants me to go outside and investigate. No way. She said Wyatt Earp would go down and shoot whomever was making all of this  NOISE. And he just might have killed whomever was responsible for all the banging going on in our room.

At nine minutes and fifteen seconds it's still banging. I'm starting to think I am going to have to get out of bed and see what is making all this noise in our room, or in the hotel. It sure sounds like it is right in our room. In my trance review Andy makes several more attempts to get the couple to stop having sex but they are oblivious to his requests and continue. My wife says, "If it keeps going on we are going to go down and take a look." I reply, "Oh yeah." She fires back, "Don't be such a baby." A male spirit chimes in at 09:44, "Fuck you Mike." Lucky for me it stopped. We now attempt to fall asleep.

12:04--Help me Mike. (U)**
12:30--Move back. (U)**

Spirits use sound energy to create words and sentences. A dog started barking outside, or perhaps the spirits were mimicking a dog barking. They manipulate the bark to create this sentence--"Mike look back." 
12:58--Mike look back. (U)**

Things go horribly wrong for Sabrina and Andy. Sabrina notices something attempting to crawl up on  our bed and yells to Andy to go see what it is. It's some kind of giant insect.

 He knocks it to the floor and stomps on it and it disappears. "What the fuck was that Andy?" Andy doesn't know. Neither of them have ever seen anything like it in the spirit world. Soon after another insect looking creature shows up in our room. This one is really strange. It's legs are about a foot long  lifting it off the floor. It's insect body is about the size of a football and at the end of it is a human head.

Sabrina is completely freaking out. She's screaming at me to wake up. "Mike, we have to go. Mike, wake up. Please Mike." I didn't hear her, and why would I. I don't even know who she is. It will be six weeks before I discover that. "Kill it Andy, kill it." Andy goes to deal with it and discovers it can talk.
"What the fuck are you?" Andy asked.
"I'm a cross between insect and human."
"That's impossible."
"It's wrong but not impossible," It responded.
Andy and the giant bug with a human head talk about how it came about. The insect tells Andy that it's been genetically altered by aliens in Dulce New Mexico. They are experimenting using animals and insects.

Sabrina stands near our bed while Andy talks to the creature in the corner. She wants it out. The creature doesn't want to leave. "Make it leave Andy."
"How Sabrina?"
"Get the fucking thing out of here, she shouts."
Andy attempts to move the creature with his foot and his foot passes through the creature. It's a spirit. It starts heading for the bed. Andy decides to just sit on it and it disappears. It worked. The creature vanishes. Andy tells Sabrina, "I can't believe my friend Mike brought me to hell." Sabrina and Andy now are frantically trying to wake me up. "See if you can grab Mike's leg Andy and jerk him out of bed." I'm sure that if I'm awoken by someone pulling on my leg we are leaving. With the banging in the room my creep meter is pegged. Andy makes several attempts and tells Sabrina his hand is passing through me. Sabrina gets up on the bed and begins jumping up and down, but the bed doesn't move. The two stop to deal with another creature that has entered the room. Andy uses the same technique and sits on the creature and it too disappears. They both don't understand why it works but they're happy to have a way to deal with these creatures. When the room is clear they go back in their attempts to wake me. While Andy is working on me Sabrina stands guard near my wife. Sabrina and Andy get into a discussion on whether or not these creatures could actually harm or kill someone alive. Andy thinks it's possible. Spirits sometime appear as an apparition. He tells Sabrina that if one did manifest into the living world just the site of one of these creatures was enough to give someone a heart attack.

When things looked to calm down Andy said he needed to get out of the room, needed to go for a walk. He even joked. "I want to go see if there's any tail in this town." Sabrina said they can't leave us alone and that one would have to stay with us. She even joked back, "See if there's any tail for me."

Andy leaves but he doesn't get far before Sabrina is yelling for him to get back in the room. Another insect creature has manifested in the room. Sabrina is a very powerful spirit and doesn't need Andy to deal with anything in the spirit world but these creatures have her completely freaked out. She's been in the spirit world for over 250 years and has never seen anything like this nor has Andy. They do seem to be in some kind of spirit hell.

Andy returns and deals with the creature. Sabrina tells him she has to get out of the room. She needs a break. Andy wants to go too, but Sabrina insists he remain in the room with us. Andy tells her not to be gone long. She says she won't. As she goes to exit the room Sabrina finds a corpse lying against the wall. She screams. Andy rushes over to her. Outside the door laying on the floor is a corpse. "Andy what is this doing here?" He replies that he doesn't know. They close the door and go back in the room. Sabrina then tells me it's hell and time to leave. Mike it's time. It's hell. 

One day earlier I was in an altercation with a pack of witch spirits in Bisbee Arizona--not the human conscious me, but rather my spirit. Sabrina and Andy, whom I don't know in the flesh, fought along side me. A spirit here says it's tough to beat Mike. Did this spirit witness that? It's tough to beat Mike.

"We fight not against flesh and blood, but against rulers of, and authorities of the unseen world." Ephesians 6:12 

A female spirit possibly that of Sabrina calls out my wife's name--Gaynor I do know that on the review Sabrina and Andy tried repeatedly to awaken us both up. 

At two hours and twenty eight minutes and fifty seven seconds a spirit says, "Grab my energy." My gut tells me this is my spirit. One of the strangest things I've found is to listen to your own spirit talk on the other side. I've captured myself numerous times. This very well can be me. Grab my energy 

At 1:24am I get up to go to the bathroom. The spirits observe this and comment, "Mike's peeing." However, after reviewing the audio it isn't me that is peeing it's my wife. I follow after. How they'd get this wrong? It indicates to me that they didn't have a visual on us only an audio. A spirit says, "Mike you want me."
Through out the night my wife and I would awake. "Are you awake?"
"Yes." I'd reply.
I'd awake later and ask her the same thing and she'd reply, "Yes." I'd continue to roll over and look at the clock ignoring the scratching on the wall. At 1:35am we hear what sounds like a horse trotting outside our room. You could hear the hooves as they hit the concrete. I time stamp the recorder. Click the link below for the audio.
Horse trotting

But that audio file captures more than just a ghost horse out on the street. Below is the translated audio graph.

Mike go back to the car

Mike get out of the room

It's not safe in the room

 On this audio file we have what sounds like a horse trotting outside our room. A male spirit saying his name and the voice of a female spirit who wants me out of the room--Sabrina, and I time stamp the recorder--1:35am.

At 2:15am I'm lying in bed listening to all of the activity in our room and really think we should get the fuck out of there when I here a series of knocks that remind me of the cowbell. Andy uses a cowbell. My wife hears it too. Listen here. I get out of bed and move the recorder near another open window. Upon returning a female spirit--Sabrina--says, "Mike, don't sleep. Get up."
4:30:25--Mike, don't sleep. Get up. (F)
My wife says, "I wouldn't sleep in this hotel by myself," and I chuckle. A spirit immediately responds at a low frequency, "Mike, there's a dog in your room." It seems there's far more than just a dog in our room. My wife says she thinks she hears voices. I acknowledge that I too can hear the voices. Listen to our exchange and before I respond a spirit says her name--Gaynor.

At 3:41 I hear what sounds like a woman yelling. It is followed by some very strange sound. Creep factor meter is now pegged. Woman yelling.
Recorder time stamp reads 5:55:27. In another thirteen minutes we both get out of bed. While laying there my wife falls back to sleep. The recorder captures a lone snore from here, but I'm listening to this-- eery sounds at 3:50am. Sabrina and Andy have tried everything they can to get us up and out of this creepy hotel--a place they are calling hell. A place they've never seen in the spirit world. Just before 3:54am Sabrina, now exhausted says, "There's got to be a way." I respond with a question to my wife, "This place is fucking insane isn't it?" At 3:50am the recorder shuts off. That's it for file 161221_001. It reached the file limit of six hours and four minutes.

I get up and restart the recorder. File number 161222_001.

At 3:54am the creep factor is too much and we decide to get out of bed. I time stamp it with a picture of the clock radio.

Neither of us wants to be in the room any longer. We also want to keep a visual on each other-- even while using the bathroom. We aren't scared, but totally creeped out. There is a difference. We discuss our options. Do we pack up and leave or stay? Sabrina and Andy are shouting, "LEAVE." We stay. Our flight out of Tucson isn't until 2. The recorder is still recording and I'm wondering what it has captured.

My wife suggests we go out on the balcony and sit outside, however the outside temperature is in the low 30's. We don't care. We go anyway. We tear the blankets off the bed and wrap ourselves in the blankets and sit outside. It's cold, and raining. The wind is howling--better than being inside. At 4:30am I decided to take the recorder outside. If you look on the graph you see the thick black line that runs through it. That is the howling wind. We stay out for as long as we can, but the cold drives us back into the room. We are tired. My wife climbs into bed and I sit at the little tea table unsure if I want to attempt sleep again. My wife says, "Alright you bitches--witches and witches." She is unaware of the witch spirits that Sabrina and Andy had to deal with the night before in Bisbee. My spirit also participated in that fight.

We leave the door open and the howling wind fills the room. Sabrina calls out to my wife--"Gaynor." At 53:30 on the recorder we are lying in bed listening to a host of strange noises. My wife indicates the creep factor is high. I move the recorder from the dresser near me next to the open door that leads to the balcony. I lay on top of the blankets fully clothed including my shoes. I tell my wife if I hear something now I can jump up and go check it out. She replies and tells me that my plan is to jump up and leave her there. But, I've been listening into the spirit world almost daily for a month. I've already heard so many strange sounds on the other side. At 54:52 a male spirit says, "This is death." What is he seeing? Is he seeing what Sabrina and Andy are seeing? Below are some of the captured EVP's.
56:37--"Oh my god."
57:01--"David move something."

I'm awoken by voices inside the room--clear voices. I realize it is people outside. We survived the night. I get up and close the door. I sit at the tea table and watch my wife sleep. She needs it. I'll sleep on the plane. Around 9am we go into town to do some shopping. I leave the recorder running in the room while we are gone. That is file 161222_002. It runs for one hour nine minutes and twenty-four seconds. All still need to be translated to a word document showing time stamp for each spirit. It will take me months.

In this write up on the extremely haunted hotel 30 EVP's are featured. There are probably a thousand more. I think the posted EVP's show the Wyatt Hotel is extremely haunted. Sabrina and Andy worked through the night to get us out of there, or protect us while we were there. The two describe a place only comparable to hell. If true about the ET underground bases in Dulce it produces a host of questions. Why are the ET's doing genetic experiments? For fun? Because they can? How are the spirits of these creatures captured and contained in Tombstone Arizona on this night? For me, my wife, Sabrina and Andy? I went back one year later to see Boot Hill cemetery. We didn't stay the night but Sabrina and Andy did not see any of the creatures they saw a year earlier and it did take some coaxing to get the two to go back with me. I have plans to return and stay at a hotel located directly across the Birdcage Theatre. I don't expect to get any sleep.

For those following this my updates may not be in chronological order. The session is 6 hours long. These sessions take me weeks and months in some cases to translate. I'm skipping around in the audio so if I find a good audio in the beginning I have to go back and insert it and explain so it could read different from when you first read it. Sorry. Perhaps just look to see if there is any new audio to avoid a re-read.

Tombstone Arizona--Big Nose Kate's

Class A EVP

If there is a class above class A for EVP's this audio belongs in it. I've had it on my desktop since I discovered it. I have around five of them that I like to regularly play, but they need to be shared and heard by more than just myself. The problem is I don't know what file it came from. The file name is Accident 4325. The 4325 is a time point location--forty three minutes and twenty five seconds. After this male spirit says accident a female makes a reference to a bottle. I think she is asking why did you break the bottle. Click on accident below and listen.


I've heard this male spirit in numerous sessions and all he says is accident. When I hear him say accident I always go back ten seconds and review and then forward ten seconds and try and hear if he is saying anything else, but he isn't. Is it just an accident that I can hear the spirits in the spirit world? No. They were determined to awaken me to their presence. There are reasons. Reasons why. I'm piecing the reasons together. It's a reason puzzle.

"I'm in the wrong place to be real."

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ghost Call

This morning I was looking at some video my wife took of me reviewing a video that we took down in Moclips. The video on my computer that I was reviewing was of us out on the beach at 12:02am in total darkness.

We were trying to see if we could find out anything on the two girls who were murdered there in 1975 Tina Jacobsen and Gael Burton. We captured a clear spirit saying, "Two girls were camped here." I was playing it back over and over as I sat and reviewed it. My wife with her iPhone was videotaping me. The reason why was just to see if she could capture any spirit voices that might explain who the woman was, or capture anything unusual in my office. It worked.

We heard a noise and it was the ice in my glass. It clinked. A debunk is as ice melts it shifts. Possibly. My wife hears it and pans the camera on the glass. I ask the spirits to move the ice. On the video I can hear a spirit say, "Mike this is Sabrina. I'm right behind you." Then a shadow moves across the desk just under the glass.

I checked the lighting because there is a window behind me so a debunk is that it's coming from the window and when I move it allows the sunlight to cast the shadow. I couldn't duplicate this again so no debunk. My conclusion then it's possibly the spirit of Sabrina. This is a tricky one because it involves lighting and shadows.

While reviewing this I needed to go to the bathroom. While in the bathroom my phone is ringing on my desk. My crown fell off the other day and I'm expecting a call from my dentist. I quickly finish and run in to get the phone. The guy on the other end identifies himself as Nick and says my phone just called his phone. This isn't no butt call. Here's my phone showing his call. The background has the video I was reviewing. It shows that I didn't call him only his returning call to me.

I told him who I was and what I was doing prior to his call and he got a big laugh out of it. I'll send him a link to this article. The strange continues.

Tombstone Arizona--Big Nose Kate's

On December 21st 2016 my wife and I checked into the Wyatt hotel in Tombstone Arizona. It's been six weeks since the start of the spirits. I've been running my recorder nearly every night and still trying to make sense of it all. I wanted a break--needed a break. Arizona in the winter sounded nice. We've been to Phoenix numerous times over the years. There's something about the wild west that attracts me.

We didn't want to return to Phoenix so basically I just pulled up a map of Arizona and pointed and said we'll go here. I pointed to Bisbee Arizona. An old mining ghost town. Am I jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Yes, but what the hell. I'll eventually do a write up on Bisbee because it captured a host of ghosts and a shitload of witch spirits.

I picked the hotel primarily because of it's name. I'd read numerous books on Wyatt Earp so I was excited to see Tombstone in person. The hotel is only a few hundred yards away from the shoot out. The building looks like it was taken out of a Hollywood studio and plunked down in Tombstone.

There are three rooms. The main room faces the street and has a huge balcony.

This was our room, but we didn't sleep much in it if at all. The creep factor was high. The room was massive. Maybe the biggest hotel room I've ever stayed in.

Note ceiling fan blade. The fan is not on.

A king size bed enough for two people and a few ghosts. I later learn after reviewing the audio that we needed a king size bed.

On the night we booked our trip which was on December 7th, 2016 I ran my recorder. It was placed on the window seal. That night it captured guns. Numerous guns and a female spirit calling my wife's name--Gaynor. We are both asleep. The audio is below.
Gun shoot out

Audio graph with translated spirit voices.

I had plans to take the audio with me to Tombstone and see if I could get a gun expert there to tell me what type of guns they are. What if the spirits some how captured the audio from the shoot out and dubbed it on my recorder? Can they do that? I'd need to know what type of guns they were. I know the last one is a shot-gun. The story says that Doc Holliday took a shot gun with him. Did it capture Doc's gun going off? I know for certain that it wasn't anyone in my neighborhood. I can rule that out. And any of my neighbors who happen to read this would agree.

We arrived in Tombstone from Bisbee late--around 5pm. I'd have no time to search out anyone to listen to the audio. Our plans were to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine and then head over to Big Nose Kate's saloon and have a few drinks at the famous bar where Wyatt, his brothers and Doc Holliday once drank from. Big Nose Kate was a prostitute and also Doc Holliday's girlfriend. She got her name because she was always getting her nose in everybody's business.

 It was around 8pm when we got to Kate's. We were told, "No food." The cooks are done for the night. We discovered there aren't many places to eat in this town after eight.

The bartender was a female with a gun in a holster strapped around her waist. A Colt 45 I believe. I sat next to an older man. A famous man I would learn because he was going to tell me all about himself.

And it would be this man who does the audio review and tells me what type of guns I captured on my recorder. How's that for just a coincidence? I learn from him that he once was a college professor in a big time university. I can't remember the name of it now, but it was one of the big ones. He taught physics. Tough subject. His wife was also a college professor. What a smart household. He mentioned to me that I may know his ancestry as well. Who? How? Is he related to Wyatt? That was my thinking. He asked me if I ever heard of the Thompson sub machine gun. Of course I had. The Bonnie and Clyde gun. Also known as the "Tommy Gun."

I actually held this gun once. Here's a picture of me as a young machinist pointing a fully loaded Thompson sub machine gun at the controller of a CNC milling machine. Make good parts or else.

So I knew about this gun. He tells me that his family designed and manufactured the gun. The bartender concurred and said he made all the bullets in her holster. He knows guns. I told him about my audio and asked him if he'd be willing to listen to it and tell me what type of guns they are. He agreed and took my iPhone outside. He was out there awhile repeatedly playing it. After a few minutes I went out to see what was going on. He handed me the phone and said they are rifles and the last gun is a shot gun. Damn. The story doesn't fit. Wyatt and his brothers have pistols. I sit back down next to him disappointed. I then ask him if its possible that Wyatt and his brothers would have also carried a rifle to the shoot out. He looked at me kind of strange and I thought I just asked the smartest man I'd ever met the stupidest question. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear his response.
"It's debatable," was his response. I couldn't believe it. Here's a resident of Tombstone who knows the story far better than me and he's telling me there's a chance. A chance that the guns captured on my recorder are indeed the guns from the actual shoot out. I was elated.

I asked the bartender if she has any ghost stories of Big Nose Kate's. I mentioned that I'd seen the Ghost Adventurers show where they investigated here. She said Zak Bagans was a real asshole and she refused to talk to him so he made a bunch of bullshit up. Most of the show is scripted anyway. She told me one night she was working and just she and the gentleman sitting next to me were there. He goes to the bathroom and while he's gone all of the bottles of alcohol along with the glasses comes off the shelf and onto the floor. He validates her story. She said, but the funny thing is none of the alcohol bottles broke only the glass mugs.

That's it for Kate's. Next Tombstone write up will be about our night and the activity in our room. There was plenty of it.

Click HERE to get to the next write up on this haunted trip to Tombstone Arizona.