Monday, February 29, 2016

Rolling Synchronicity

Author note: I'm reposting this to the front because of the numerous updates to it. If you've read it just scroll to the bottom for the updates.

My life is one rolling synchronicity after the next. A giant mysterious, magical coincidence. It goes something like this. Talking on the phone with Fred, there’s a knock on the door, and the man introduces himself as Fred—asks me if I know Jesus. I say, “Bye Fred.” Fred on the phone hangs up and Fred at the door walks away. I take my pup for a walk, meet another pup on a walk and the owner informs me her dogs name is Fred.

I recently purchased a book, The Messengers.

The main draw for me was the connection between a wild animal, the owl and synchronicity. I know a few crows, a few owls and have many synchronistic events. 
Pictured is my crow Rex. She has been a close friend of mine for the past seven years so I was intrigued by the connection with an owl. I've been recording them for several years. I knew that reading this book could produce a host of SE’s. I will use SE for the term synchronicity event. It’s just too long of a word to type out every time and I don’t know how to spell it.  

I’m going to list the SE’s that happened to me while reading this book. I got the idea for this write when I was almost finished with the book so I know that I’m leaving some out but there’s enough here. 

1.   The first SE starts with the Foreward written by Richard Dolan. I've been in and out of the ufology community for 20 years. I'm currently out. Rich is well respected in that community. 

2.  My wife and mother in law both received owls from a person who knew nothing about me, or the book. My wife's owl's she received.

This is my mother in law's owl she received.

3. told a friend about the book and told him I was going to order it. My friend started having owl SE’s.

4. 1.    On 12-31-15 while in my backyard observing my two hummingbirds, Cheech and Chong I see a red orb in the sky. It was small but metallic. Not a balloon. It looked close to this. Two days later I see a owl.

5. My mother collected owl figurines.

6. While working on a video about flying unknown creatures I read in the book that day about Mothman. page 218-219. Picture below is my flying creature. You tell me what it is.

7. In the summer of 2015 I read numerous books that are mentioned in The Messenger.
Synchronicity by Dr. Kirby Surprise
The Key by Whitley Strieber
A book on Edgar Cayce

8. On 1-2-2016 I was driving and it was dark out, around 8PM. There were tall trees on both sides of the road. At the top of some trees I see something really strange that gets my attention. There was this lucid transparent image kind of floating. My first reaction was the movie The Predator because it looked exactly like this
I was watching it in disbelief when I notice an owl fly in front of a tall lamp post. It's wings were wide open as it landed on top of the lamp post.

10.    The next day while driving in daylight I see what I believe to be an owl flying low over a wet land. However, I’m not 100% sure. I play the owl flying back over and over in my mind and am quite sure it was an owl. While pondering this I’m sitting at a red light. A light that I’ve sat at a few hundred times. While thinking of the owl I notice an owl sitting on top of a building. Why hadn’t I ever noticed that owl before? This building has 50,000 crows fly over it twice a day as they fly to a crow social and return that evening back to where they roost. The owner placed the life size owl up there as some kind of deterrent. I would have noticed this owl or should have. That day I read in the Messenger about an owl placed on a building on page 204.

11.  My wife informed me that while driving to her mothers she was blocked by an owl in front of her car. It was daylight and it was eating something. A week later in the exact same spot my wife almost hit a deer. The two prominent animals in the book are owls and deer.

12.    One morning I’m in my office and I stumble onto this blog. It’s about alien abductee experiences. I'm reading it.

 It’s around 5am and still dark out. My wife is asleep in the other room. She calls to me that there are two owls hooting out back. I take a flashlight and go out back and there are two owls talking in my neighbors tree. I shine the flashlight up in an attempt to locate them. I receive a strong message back, TURN THE FUCKING FLASHLIGHT OFF DUDE. I immediately turn it off and they stop talking.

They sounded like this.

13.     The author mentions near death experiences and how there might be some correlation between psychic events, SE’s, all kind of packaged into this. As a young boy I almost drown in a pool. Someone pulled me out of the pool but when I recovered there was nobody around me. This is the pool that I almost drown as a small child. Lompico pool in Santa Cruz California. The pool is no longer there.

14.    A few years ago I had a conscious out of body experience where I found myself in the astral. This led me on a journey to discover how this occurred. I read all of Robert Monroe’s books as well as participating in the hemi-synch meditation program. On page 371-373 the author discusses his experiences with hemi-synch.

15. Almost everyday without fail a car, truck, boat or some moving vehicle with a 
   license plate finds a way to get in my pathway so I will notice. The author writes that he is from Idaho.

16.    On page 196 of the book is the name Stanley Kubrick. As I type this there sits a poster of a Stanley Kubrick movie behind my monitor. The message the poster says to me is don't be a Jack.

17.    I did a write up on the rigged NFL playoffs. One thing that drives me crazy about this rigged sport is players whoring themselves off for corporate America, running their own commercials during their own game. The comedian Bill Hicks made a great video about this so I added it. While writing that article my wife informs me David Bowie died. David is in the video. I then discover on page 251 the author mentions Bill Hicks in The Messenger.

18.     Last Summer I met a friend for a few beers. That night an owl flew into my house while I was out on my deck. Two days ago 1/21/16 I met the same friend for a few beers. As we were leaving to go he said I have something for you—he gave me a stuffed owl.

 I gave him The Messenger.
UPDATE--There's an SE update to number 18 that I failed to mention. The following day a co-worker came to me and told me he has a book for me. I told him that just the night before I gave the book I was reading to a friend. He gave me this book.

What he didn't know is that I have two close family members who seem to be in some kind of death race to get out of 3D land. Both are dying, so over the past four months I have spent time in hospitals, chemo treatments, doctors appointments, pace maker implants, and more. 

19.    It didn’t stop. The next day I go into work and there is a card laying on the table. The front of the card has an owl on it.

20.     One of the names I was thinking of using for this blog was soul to soul.

 On page 322 of the book I find Soul to Soul. 

There’s a lot more and I will update this if I remember them with the residual owls, UFO’s or SE’s that continue to find me. Or, as Dr. Kirby Surprise says, “That I create.” The Messengers is a great read and I highly recommend it. You can visit Mike's blog here.


Update 1/23/16--My wife purchased a baby gift for a baby shower she was to attend. The gift was wrapped at the store. When the gift was opened there was an owl imprint on the paper.

Update 1/25/16--This is kind of strange, but last night I couldn't sleep and I was hoping some owls would come by but none did, but I started thinking about this post and realized I left more animals out. I thought no problem, I will add them when I awake as an update. I started re-reading this post and I realized there is no number 9. How could I leave out number 9. All of the SE's aren't in chronological order because I wrote this while almost done with the book and couldn't remember them all. This SE that I left out chronologically would fall right at number 9. So here's number 9.

9. That night while asleep my wife and I were awoken by owls hooting. We laid in bed and listened to them until we drifted off to sleep. The next morning when I was leaving to go to work my dog started barking as she was looking out the front window. I went to see what it was thinking it was a rabbit. There on my front yard was a deer. It was joined by two others for a total of three. I called my wife down and she came down. At the time she came down there was only one deer. She said, "Where there's one there's two, and three." And then two appear from behind a bush. She mentioned how beautiful they were and I said, "Not so fast this may be a screen memory and we're looking at three aliens." She hasn't read the book yet so she had no idea what I was talking about. I tried to get a picture but they took off.

Update 1/26/16--Today I went to see some friends of mine,

and enroute I came across this owl. It's atop this lamp post. It is another fake owl.

 How the hell did they get that up there?

Update 1/27/16--This is an update to number 18. I just received an email from the friend that I met for beers. He reminded me about a conversation we had the first time we met for beers about an owl. He attended a kind of elitist conference where there were a lot of wealthy people. He was invited back to a millionaires home after. Upon walking in there was a giant four foot owl that greeted you and it only had one eye. That same night a giant owl crashed into my house while I was having a night cap with my wife on the deck.

Update 1/30/16--I was sitting downstairs with my pup having a cup of tea watching bullshit news when this owl commercial came on.

Update 2/3/16--Today I took a nap and had a dream. In my dream I was outside on a street with my wife. We notice a giant owl around five feet tall.

 It was just standing there staring at us about 20 yards away. My wife commented on how big the owl was. I said that it isn't an owl but a screen memory. I ran at the owl and as I got closer to the owl it would shifted back another 20 yards away. I repeated this several times and couldn't ever get to the owl. Upon waking I looked at my digital clock and it read 3:33. The interesting thing about that number is the night before I talked to a friend about his digital clock in his car that stopped working at 1:11. His battery died, but even dead the radio worked, lights worked, but the digital clock stopped at 1:11.

Update 2/5/16--I received a text today from the friend who I gave the book, The Messengers to. He was shopping for some wine and he finds a bottle with an owl on it.

What I say is:

Update 2-6-16--Today I went to look at a tractor. On the way there two Idaho license plates got in front of me. While talking to the owner about the tractor I hear a raven in the distant. The raven then flew over us and I said, "Raven." He said they have a lot of ravens and then he started talking about a giant owl. I perked up. He indicated the height of the owl with his hand. It appeared to be about 3.5 feet. I didn't go into an alien's or SE's with him.

Update 2/7/16--Did you watch the Superbowl? If so, perhaps your eyes were able to see what others couldn't see.

Update 2/12/16--This update goes with number 18. Last summer I was walking my dog at the park. Off in the distant I could here my crow friends having a Crowmotion. I went over to see what was going on. They had a beautiful owl trapped in a tree. They would dive down on the owl hitting it so hard it would knock the giant owl off the branch. The owl looked beat. I felt sorry for the owl. The owl eventually nestled in to where the crows couldn't hit it. This is the exact type of owl that flew into the side of my house while I was out on my deck. Could it have been the same owl?

Update 2/24/16--I was awoken at 1:33am to two owls talking in my neighbors tree. I tried recording them but they stopped as soon as I went to the window. One was doing the classic Hoo Hoo, but the other would reply back in almost a grunt. The only thing I recorded was the final grunt and they stopped. Prior to this owl encounter I'd been waking every night at 1:30am. I'd then spend most of the night in meditation and then off to work.

Update 9/8/16--I was awoken at 4:30am by a pair of owls. I grabbed my camera and recorded them. The file is too large to post so I'll have to fix it so I can post it.