Friday, November 25, 2016

Trumps broken promise's--starting already

Promise number one from Reptilian Donald Trump is broken. Surprise fucking surprise.

Ha......ha....ha.....ha....ha...., just keep the laughter going. Every fucker who voted for Trump you've been fucking had. You can check list broken promise after fucking promise. If you go back to my original video's where I told everyone they where functioning as one with the stupid ass 9/11 memorial. Both of these fake humans, are aliens. Hillary is dead. Trump is dead. Done. I've posted enough evidence to support this. If you still can't see this, please buy a baseball bat at Target, go home and bash yourself over the head. At least try and wake yourself up.

Sean Hannity, you got fucked. Rush Limbaugh, too. Jim Stone, ha...ha...fucked too. Watch Donald build a two foot wall between Mexico, which is no threat to the United States. These people just want to work.

I'm currently working on some things that are taking me far off this planet. I'm not sure how long I will be gone. I think I will know more next week. I personally think there's an urgency, but will wait and see.

Good Luck

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