Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Donald Trumps first executive order

President Obama's first executive order was to seal all of his personal records, birth certificate, school records, marriage license and gay clubs he frequented in downtown Chicago. He did this for good reason, because you can't be elected president if you were born in another country.

Donald Trump went after President Obama on his birth certificate and it was a media feeding frenzy. He eventually conceded that President Obama was born in the United States which should make Donald a fucking sell out and does in my mind. Does he now go after Obama and the elitist who propped him up as president for eight years? No, because the same people no doubt have put him in office.

Newly elected Donald Trumps first executive order should be that all forms of media can now be prosecuted for knowingly and unknowingly lying. They can no longer use the term, "my sources say." They must give a name for their "sources."

It would be a first start back to truth and put a lot of those rats in prison. The five or so owners who control the media would sell to any bidder and flee the country like the fleas they are. This would also produce a re-surge in journalism. At the moment a four year degree in journalism is a four year course on lying, acting, and fabricating false events.

Donald Trump said in one of the debates that after he was elected he would have a special investigation into Mrs. Hillary Clinton and her criminal background.
Will he do it? What if he pardons her? Can you visualize Bill and Hillary Clinton being escorted out of a courtroom in handcuffs? I can.

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