Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hillary's concession speech

I downloaded her speech on to my computer. I have a Mac. The monitor is the highest rated monitor that money can buy. I bought this computer exclusively to look at THEM. Our technology verses their technology to mimic human form--we can see them now.

These non-human beings have trouble holding human form with their teeth, hands, eye's and various other facial features. Teeth will grow, gap, shine bright, or be skin color. Hands morph, grow, shrink, and change colors. They will also disappear or show their natural look and color with a white claw on the end of the finger.

I looked for all of these features in Hillary's concession speech. I found the teeth changed shape, gapped, shined and changed color. Her hands morphed routinely, but I didn't find the classic alien feature I was looking for so I left it out of the video. Her eye's were wild and the pupil dilated to classic reptilian. Her facial features were strange to say the least. A node near her right eye and on her nose would actually move whenever she blinked. This indicates to me a mechanical feature of some kind. I called her a cyborg at the 9/11 memorial. Another feature was her eyeshadow on her left eye would split when she blinked. I showed this feature to some women and they didn't know what to make of it. I then found her blink with the same eye and her eyeshadow didn't split. A possible projected image.

Pictures posted below. All of these features can also be viewed on my youtube video.


 Teeth are skin color.

Various teeth shape to a point.

Shining teeth

Gapped teeth

Pupils dilate to reptilian pupils.

One of the strangest features was what I'm calling the moving node. It is located on the upper part of her nose near the inside of her right eye, although I've found the same node on the left side.

Right side

Left side

I can't really show this node moving with still picture images but I show it real well in my video.

As you can see there are some serious problems with the images of Hillary Clinton--humans don't change shape like that. I have other issues with the concession speech. I didn't show the alien features of those in the audience other than Huma Abedin, but there is a lot more out there. After studying the speech I'm not sure anyone there is human, or if it was even recorded in our dimension. They can mimic it all as they did at the 9/11 memorial. I'm keeping an open mind on this one. Where are the CNN anchors, NBC, ABC, FOX or any other news organization? We hear their voices and that's it. Also, the side camera pans around to show the audience and I never located the front on camera. It would have to be within 10 feet or so of the stage and there isn't one anywhere. Where is the camera / camera's?

After the speech Bill Clinton comes down with her and he is right next to her and suddenly he disappears. The secret service agents are pressed all around her when she comes down to greet her friends and aids. However the front camera has less agents than the side camera. How is that possible? Also, Wolf Blitzer mentioned that only her closest friends, relatives, campaign aids were allowed to attend to keep it positive since it's such a traumatic time. And if this is true why does the secret service need to be pressed right up against her when only her closest friends and family are there? The secret service wasn't pressed up against her at the 9/11 memorial and it was a public event.

I want to mention one more thing that I think everyone is failing to notice. Personal Electronic Devices known as PED's are not allowed. A personal electronic device is your smart phone. You see it all the time at rallies, and at the 9/11 memorial. Bullshit. These devices are capable of blowing up or triggering something to blow up. They also record and take pictures that Hillary and Donald would never want to get out on the internet. Can you imagine if Hillary were recorded saying, "We need to kill that fucker," and this were to get out on the internet, posted on youtube. That's a verbal bomb. So it's staged. It's fake when you see them taking pictures or recording. Most people who get within 30 yards of a presidential candidate are background checked, stripped search, and anal probed. And their PED's are taken or disabled. And let's not forget guns are still legal in the United States, and that assassination attempt on Trump in Las Vegas was completely staged. Do you really think someone with a holster on their hip is going to be able to walk into a Trump rally within about 10 feet of him and point a gun? It's bullshit.

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