Thursday, September 15, 2016

The arrest of Hillary Clinton looks like a hoax

I've been thinking about the 18 second video showing Hillary being arrested and something is troubling me with it and it has nothing to do with her being arrested. It might be staged. A hoax. For this event that has Hillary and Donald attending the same event there would be more than just one camera. CNN would be there, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and every other goddamn news agency with a working video camera but there's only one 18 second video.

I've seen video of her leaving her daughter's apartment so I know they were following her. I was one of the first to say she was arrested based on the video and now I just might be the first to say the video is a hoax. Conspiracy on top of conspiracy. I believe the first person who called it an arrest was Jim Stone so I want to credit him for that. But if it's a staged hoax why have her hands bound? Why drag her into the van if all they want to imply is that she was dehydrated?

When I was Google searching the images I found one picture that troubled me. The picture is showing the van going in the opposite direction. It has the metal rail on the opposite side, but what really troubles me is the woman who was holding Hillary's left arm of which she never let go of is missing in the picture. Also if you look behind the van you will see a rail just like the rail Hillary is standing next to. There is no rail like that across the street.

There were two women with her dressed identical and in this picture theres only one. Where did the other woman go? The woman shown here is the woman who has her left arm hooked while waiting for the van and she never let go,

You can see she has a black bag and the woman in the above photo has a brown bag. I'm am now calling the entire event a hoax based on the fact that there is only one video from only one angle and the picture above showing the missing woman. Also, Hillary's visit to her daughter's apartment is staged as well. They used a little girl who mysteriously runs from her parents to be with Hillary.

Also if we look at the front of the apartment where it looks all nice, neat and clean and then you look at the other photo that has people sitting around outside lounging in chairs taking pictures. Do they all just sit her waiting for someone important to come out of this apartment complex?

So what the fuck are they doing? Why stage this? My first guess is for the attention even if it's negative. Donald Trump then gets no media attention at the event at all. This also gives them an out should they need to dump Hillary entirely. They just claim that her medical condition will not allow her to continue running for president or even be the next president and they slide in Joe Biden and appoint him president.

But why have her hands bound as if she were arrested? Why did they have to drag her into the van?

While doing the write up on this I heard a loud scream outside my window. It sounded human but I knew it wasn't because it is only 5:30am. It startled me. The scream was followed by two light, HOO, HOO's. It was an owl. I then grabbed my video camera and went outside and recorded them.

The owls timing has me alarmed. Too coincidental.

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